Welcome To First Flight

First Flight Venture Center (FFVC) is a high-science, high-impact incubator located in the heart of Research Triangle Park. Established in 1991 to serve the initial needs of entrepreneurs and early stage science companies. FFVC strives to produce companies that graduate from the facility as financially viable and freestanding businesses. These incubator graduates migrate into the mainstream of the business community, creating jobs and commercializing important new technologies that contribute to a stronger North Carolina economy. We have more than 25 years experience in successfully launching new businesses in North Carolina. This success lies in First Flight’s turnkey approach—the ability to enable companies to reduce both their initial capitalization requirements and their annual operation costs by providing affordable space with flexible leases, shared business services, and management guidance and counseling. FFVC offers 25,000 square feet of leasable office and laboratory space for up to 40 emerging high-science, high-impact companies.


Catalyzing high-science, high-impact entrepreneurial company success.
To support the development and growth of high-science, high-impact entrepreneurial companies by providing tailored resources, guidance, connections, and support required for their commercial success.
FFVC’s “True North”, is on-going service and support to entrepreneurs leading early-stage, high-science, high-impact companies.
FFVC provides a turnkey approach to early-stage company growth by providing affordable space with flexible leases as well as business and technology support services.  FFVC also offers its programs to companies, designated Friends of FFVC, which are not located in our facilities.  As a member of a larger community,  FFVC collaborates with other organizations to provide resources and service to help those organizations support their Mission.
  • Ethics
  • Creativity/Innovation
  • Partnering
  • Integrity
  • Leadership
  • Geared toward what is best for startups and early stage companies, and adds value through leadership, guidance, business expertise, and a flexible infrastructure designed to benefit companies.
  • Branded as an environment for High-Science, High-Impact, early stage companies due to its broad focus on scientific companies with large market potential and impact on the health, scientific and business communities.
  • Operate in a fiscally-sound and transparent manner.
  • Maintain a strong advisory structure.
  • Create a trusted environment for our clients to talk through their ideas and development strategies through educating people with great ideas to become new business owners and helping change great ideas into companies.
  • Launch ideas by creating companies.
    • Support development of innovative technologies.
    • Grow sustainable companies that contribute to NC economy.
    • Provide training and coaching.
    • Connectivity (investment, CEOs, hiring, resources, etc.)
    • Provide resources: lab, office space, mentoring.
    • Education and sense of community.
    • Support services and access to knowledge and EIRs with domain expertise.
    • Navigating vast and growing resources of Triangle region.
    • What’s appropriate and at what point in time, resource-wise.
    • Eliminating risk and preparing companies to survive in the broader business world.

Program Process

Once we’ve looked at your application and the concept seems to fit FFVC, we sit down to better understand your idea (best be prepared to discuss the market, the idea, what your idea solves and why someone will need/want to subscribe/buy/ingest your product). You share your experience with us. We try and figure out the strengths and gaps.

  • Do you belong at First Flight yet?
  • Do you need/want money? Do you know how to bootstrap?
  • Do you need to do a quick prototype? If so, where can you get the best help?

If FFVC is not the right match, we’ll introduce you around to other resources (we work with all startup facilities).

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