Zenomics is developing innovative drug delivery systems that enhance health and improve quality of life; specifically focusing on the development of transformative glucose-responsive insulin delivery devices for intelligently controlling release of insulin and regulating blood sugar levels for people with diabetes.

Zenomics’ smart insulin delivery is inspired by the interaction between glucose and glucose-sensitive moiety, which is integrated into a transcutaneous patch, which senses increased blood sugar level and subsequently releases insulin quickly.

The delivery device contains hundreds of microneedles – which fit into the coin-sized patch or other smart device platform – and connect to microscopic storage units for insulin and glucose-sensing components. When blood sugar levels get too high, the microneedles automatically release insulin, combining the function of glucose testing with insulin injection in a a pain-free and perfectly-timed procedure that requires little to no effort by the person wearing the device.

“Zenomics’ technology enhances the health of patients with diabetes and improves their lives,” according to Zenomics co-founder & chairman Dr. Zhen Gu. “The technology is painless and lessens human error, so that the patient receives a more accurate blood-sugar reading and a more precise does of insulin.”