At some point, all companies with employees must conduct various “high-stakes exams” – exams that govern things like hiring, retention, promotion and compensation – which are subject to numerous laws and regulations.  If companies don’t carry out these exams exactly right, they could suffer fines, penalties, or even potentially reputation-ruining lawsuits. First Flight resident Exam Design has developed cutting edge software to manage these processes from beginning to end, improving efficiency, lowering cost, and most importantly, protecting the company from costly mistakes.

Exam Design’s “Exam Developer” can be used by organizations to design, maintain, and objectively assess any type of employment-based exam.  Built by experts in the field of Organizational Psychology, it is the only software to combine all these tasks.  While Exam Developer saves time and cost in the hiring workflow, it also keeps all information about the process contained in one system, creating an easily defensible record in the face of potential audit or complaint. 

Exam Design’s process is so highly thought of that Pearson VUE recently purchased the company, electing to keep the business and its staff in their First Flight headquarters to further support a seamless acquisition.