Andrew Schwab
Andrew SchwabPresident
Schwab is a successful entrepreneur with over 20 years experience building technology based startup companies. He has been an impactful mentor and advisor to over 30 companies throughout career and he has been involved on multiple boards and committees designed to vet technology and executive teams. As a seasoned senior executive with proven management and startup skills, he has led two local companies featured in the Triangle Fast 50. His diverse background includes extensive knowledge of the Internet and related technologies, emerging technology evaluation and integration with existing business models as well as merger and acquisition experience.
Joe Spratt
Joe SprattFinance
Spratt is a successful serial entrepreneur who has been involved in five start-ups, 2 of which have had successful exits. He has a wide scope of industrial experience (Music, brewing and rental), as well as substantial experience working with high technology companies and grants. Spratt’s strengths are his ability to quickly assess the viability of a business model and the business itself. He helps clients look at the modeling of financial business functions that describe operations, GAAP income statement and balance sheet effects and appropriate capitalization requirements.  Spratt graduated from Marshall University with an MBA.  He has an undergraduate degree in Accounting and Finance from West Virginia State University.