As more nuanced types of digital data become available, financial reporting and analysis has become so granular that for many financial professionals, it’s nearly incomprehensible. Translating vast amounts of data into intuitive and understandable financial reporting has become Sageworks domain, enabling well-informed decision making.

Built on their own patented FIND engine technology, which converts raw financial data into narrative financial analysis, Sageworks provides accountants and CPAs, bankers, appraisers and CFOs tools tailored to their specific needs. The ProfitCents Suite, for example, empowers accountants to help clients make better decisions through financial analysis, benchmarking, and risk assessments. And Sageworks Suite provides bankers with a variety of tools such as stress testing, credit analysis and loan administration to streamline their portfolio risk management process.

FIND is designed to use artificial intelligence based on expert system rules, industry benchmark data, and thousands of text pages to produce unique reports that change as company data changes. Each time a user runs a report, they receive just one of 32 trillion possible outcomes, based on their company’s specific financial situation.