Check out this article in a recent issue of Wired. Sharp thoughts on Net Neutrality and robots (for the record, there’s always something about robots in that pub). But one thing that stood out to us is this:

CNBC–arm in arm with analyst outfit Crowdnetic–is set to release a new crowdfinance index. It aims to give the investing public ‘a window into how this new market is evolving.’

It shows what’s being invested in across all leading portals, in real-time: Where these companies are and what their business profiles are. Because more and more people are building their businesses with crowd financing (over eight million credited investors now, according to Wired).

Crowdnetic is a way to make oneself known to the public before committing to any venture capitalists. So, that wall (VCs) is eventually going to come down. And open a portal right into Joe Q Public’s living room.

All in all, interesting article if you’re on the cusp of your investment stage. And, you know, don’t forgot those robots.