More than 150 million diagnostic tests are performed each year across the United States, and many more across the globe, but sometimes their results can be difficult to interpret, leading to mistaken diagnoses that cost time, money and sometimes lives. Improvement of fluorescent dyes, a key component in many diagnostic tests, has been an ongoing priority for the diagnostic testing industry for decades.

FFVC resident NIRvana Sciences has pioneered a better near-infrared dye, stabilizing their dyes through synthetic chemistry while retaining their coveted ultra-narrow spectral properties.

With the successful development of these dyes, NIRvana Sciences could help improve numerous types of diagnostics tests across a wide range of medical communities, including researchers, clinicians and consumers. Recognizing this enormous potential, the Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network accepted NIRvana Sciences into its portfolio in May 2013. Within this network, NIRvana has gained mentorship and support needed to develop a successful growth strategy.

As a spin-out company from the College of Sciences’ Department of Chemistry at North Carolina State University, NIRvana Sciences has a well-developed technology platform and topnotch scientists. With high science in their grasp and entrepreneurial support at their feet, we’re sure to see great things from them in the future.