The Leaders of Tomorrow year-end event was held at First Flight Venture Center (2 Davis Drive, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709) on June 11th, where each student was recognized for his or her accomplishments.

The National Black MBA Association Inc. Raleigh-Durham Chapter invites you to become a part of our Leaders of Tomorrow (LOT) Program. The LOT program is a national network of middle and high school students and distinguished professionals who focus on empowering African American students in grades 6 through 12. For more than a decade, this challenging program has had a stimulating influence on students. These students may have exhibited leadership potential, but require additional motivation, people, and influential factors in their lives to realize, and then capitalize on their full potential.

Leaders of Tomorrow receive their awards at FFVC.

Students of LOT pose with their awards at their year-end event on June 11, 2017

The LOT program will consist of a network of middle and high school students, MBAs, other advance degrees, entrepreneurs, as well as other eminent professionals eager to participate in educating, mentoring and providing exposure to students as they make critical (post-high school graduation) decisions regarding their academic careers and their future. Our mission is to develop positive, socially aware, teenage professionals by providing these students with essential leadership skills required to obtain scholarships, financial aid, college admission and career development opportunities.

Over the course of the year (September through June), students will get the opportunity to participate in programs that will help stimulate their intellectual, economic growth and community service participation. This program will offer students the opportunity to grow and develop with the support and guidance of successful business professionals.

Leaders of Tomorrow Outstanding Student of the Year

(From left) LOT Director, Marion Johnson; Student President, Brian Hager; Outstanding Student of the Year, Marisa Bishop; President of NBMBA James Howse; NBMBA Finance Director, L.J. Yarborough; and NBMBA member & founder of the LOT Program, Brett Chambers.