WhiteSpace Health


WhiteSpace Health is a provider of data analytics and cloud healthcare intelligence. Our solutions and technologies integrate all the data [...]



The Luminelle DTx Hysteroscopy System, developed by UVision360, Inc, is a simplified and cost effective operative hysteroscopy system designed for [...]



Arrevus is targeting ‘DnaK,’ a chaperone protein, with Designer Proline-rich antimicrobial Chaperone protein inhibitors, or “DPCs”, which damage bacterial proteins [...]

Global Lyme Diagnostics


Global Lyme Diagnostics has developed a breakthrough test specifically for Lyme Disease. Our Lyme community today faces two challenges, reliable [...]

RTP International Cultural Exchange


RTP International Culture Exchange (RTP ICE) is a RTP-based company dedicated to offer diversified programs and services to serve exchange needs. [...]



From Farm to Fork Consumers and producers of food expect the highest levels of quality and safety in the products [...]

Microgrid Labs

Microgrid Labs (MGL) is a North Carolina based consulting and software company implementing microgrids and energy storage. Microgrid Labs is [...]

Mlinzi Vaccines

  Mlinzi Vaccines is embarking on a seminal research, development and commercialization effort to create products for tissue regeneration.

Gyrus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Gyrus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is developing innovative treatments for serious diseases of the central nervous system using combinations of proprietary therapeutic [...]

The Treadwell System

The Treadwell System is a combination of our patented methodology for increasing the velocity of the flow of blood in [...]

Bull City Select Investments, LLC

The mission of Bull City Select Investments is to invest in early stage pharmaceutical companies with a focus on opportunities [...]

The Seven Soft

Seven Soft is a low-cost/high-quality IT service provider with core competencies in Technology, Software Development and Project Management.

NovaTarg Therapeutics

NovaTarg focuses on the discovery and development of innovative medicines to treat metabolic diseases and cancer.


EthosExcel is a US-based women-owned business that helps Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies efficiently navigate the often-daunting FDA regulatory approval process [...]


VERINETICS has developed a patent-protected software product, TraxSecur, that provides a next generation solution for detecting and deterring fraud in the [...]


BaseTrace is a well-specific DNA-based tracer that can be added to the hydraulic fracturing fluid, enabling us to determine whether [...]


Avertica is developing proprietary compounds and polymers inspired by naturally occurring chemicals and biological polymers, for various electronic device applications.


Endacea is an emerging biopharmaceutical company focused on developing a series of proprietary A1 adenosine receptor (AR) antagonists as drug [...]

Integrated Training Solutions (ITS)

ITS® provides advanced simulation capabilities to reduce cost and increase efficiency for the rapid analysis and assessment of critical issues.


Sciome LLC is an innovative research and technology consulting company providing state of the art informatics solutions for the life [...]