Project Description

Zumatek was formed by researchers at Duke University Medical Center, in an effort to commercialize the dedicated breast imaging technologies for 3D lesion detection patented (2009) and developed at Duke under NIH/NCI funding.

Zumatek’s corporate objectives are to develop imaging products potentially able to detect breast cancer at earlier stages more sensitively and with greater specificity than traditional X-ray mammography. While Zumatek has a responsibility towards its shareholders, at the same time, it has a mission to relieve suffering and save lives of those patients affected by breast cancer.

Zumatek’s core competencies consist of a balanced combination of R&D and managerial expertise. The company is currently supported by an NIH Phase II SBIR grant and has previously received NIH SBIR Phase I and matching North Carolina funding, as well as private investments. The company is in the R&D, pilot patient trial, and commercialization stages.