Project Description

Founded in 2007, The Seven Soft is headquartered in North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park, a major technology hub populated by companies like IBM and Cisco. We also have a talented and dedicated team located in Dalian, China, one of that country’s largest software parks. In recent years China has gained recognition as an abundant source of IT talent and is quickly emerging an industry leader in the field of software development.

Our unique “Offshore Development/Onshore Management” business model allows us to take full advantage of low cost development without sacrificing product quality or customer service. By basing our corporate headquarters and management team in the U.S. we are able to meet with our customers face-to-face and ensure that they have frequent and reliable communication throughout the entire project. Outsourcing the development labor to our Chinese team means that we can keep our clients’ costs very low. In many cases, we are able to offer software development and support at half the price of our onshore competitors.

We Offer High Quality Software and Service at Offshore Prices

For all our projects, we use our offshore team exclusively for system implementation. Project management, requirement analysis, system design, documentation, system deployment and customer support services are all handled by our U.S. based team. This way, we keep our prices low without sacrificing quality or client communication.

 We Have a Wealth of Industry-Specific Knowledge and Timely Solutions

Unlike many IT consulting companies, The Seven Soft is owned and managed by IT professionals who specialize in a business-first approach to problem solving. Having walked in your shoes, we are committed to learning your business and understanding your challenges before starting any project. We find that this strategy significantly cuts down on the time it takes us to complete a project. Additionally, by taking the time to learn about our customers we have accumulated extensive knowledge of the Financial, Utilities, Manufacturing, E-commerce, Healthcare, and Pharmaceutical industries, allowing us to better serve future clients from those sectors.

We Keep Our Leverage and Our Turnover Low

The Seven Soft uses senior staff in most positions, to keep our teams smaller, faster and more efficient. Our turnover rate is much lower than industry average and after we begin a project we do not change team composition.

We Focus on Solutions Rather than Staffing

Ninety percent of our projects are developing enterprise level solutions. Once a contract is signed, we do not switch teams.

We Have Superb Project Management

Many of our customers choose us over other IT vendors because of our exceptional project management skills. Unlike most IT companies, we choose project managers with two important qualities: (1) a goal oriented, driven personality and (2) a business savvy mind, with a passion for understanding customers’ needs and desires. Our project management team has a track record for successfully managing complex, multi-million dollar projects for large corporations and government agencies.

We Are Committed to a Short Ramp-Up Time

We have awesome, locally-based project managers who can quickly learn the business and technical aspects of your companies needs. We also have a unique due diligence process, which allows the client to share knowledge transfer responsibility, making our project ramp-up time very brief.

We Use Agile for All Our Projects

We deliver all our projects using the Agile software development methodology. We focus on team effectiveness and quality customer communication. We understand how to develop high quality software. For most of our projects, we do unit testing with at least 90% code coverage and automated builds.