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In the Zenph Online Education Network (ZOEN), people learn to play the music they love. The ZOEN delivers the perfect match between teachers and students through live online music lessons. Whether you’re looking to learn your favorite song, seeking advice on perfecting your technique or searching for the right music teacher for your kids, taking a live online music lesson from one of the ZOEN’s experienced, nationally renowned music teachers is just a matter of a few clicks!

Brought to you by Zenph, Inc., The ZOEN is an award winning Re-Performance® technology. It was named one of the “Best Ideas of the Year” by The New York Times Magazine and has earned us accolades from music lovers and critics the world over, including multiple GRAMMY® nominations.

Based in North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park, Zenph, Inc is a venture-backed technology company led by a team of music and software professionals with expertise in music education, consumer software, social gaming and entertainment.


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