Project Description

RTP Capital Associates Mission

  • Stimulate Seed Stage Capital Formation in the Research Triangle Park region:
    • Conduct a process that improves the quality of deal flow
    • Elevate investor due diligence efforts to a higher, more meaningful, execution driven, revenue centric focus
    • Utilize our Individual and collective member experiences, contacts and connections to assist entrepreneurs
    • Work with less experienced investor members and entrepreneurs to foster greater awareness and knowledge of both angel investing and entrepreneurship
    • Foster additional capital formation
    • Identifying additional funding sources outside our region, through syndication, strategic partnering, corporate investor(s), and individual accredited investor contacts known by our members.
  • Function as a proactive group of members striving to foster positive liquidity events:
    • Apply a thorough and methodical approach to our due diligence efforts
    • Drive milestone achievements
    • Providing creative approaches to overcome adversities
    • Provide value and risk mitigation techniques
    • Take active leadership roles in management and/or on the Board of Directors of the companies in which we invest
    • Aggressively seek appropriate strategic exit partners

RTP Capital members convene each month at the First Flight Venture Center located in the Research Triangle Park.  The first part of the meeting is a casual get together with drinks to connect with each other.  We then have dinner during which we conduct the business part of the meeting including updates on pending deals, events and opportunities coming up, and reports from our committees.  After dinner, there are 30 minute presentations by one or two companies looking for investment followed by brief periods of questions and answers.