Project Description

Over 60% of the US population pops at least one vitamin supplement a day. Almost 30 million Americans consume more than 5 supplements per day. The challenges to these individuals are many.

Unfortunately, the “more is better” philosophy with supplements can land you in the hospital. Taking too much of a supplement can cause negative reactions. Standard pre-packaged supplements may also contain one or more ingredients that poorly interact with other supplements or medications the individual may be taking. Beyond that, swallowing multitudes of pills and trying to remember when and if you have taken all of them is no simple feat. This is even more challenging for the aging population who often struggle with swallowing difficulties, making the need for a better way of delivering the right supplements in a convenient manner even more important.

The Panacea Solution® replaces the need for a person to take multiple pills daily and removes the confusion and hype around nutritional supplements. The Panacea process queries individuals about their current health status; matches this information with a professional peer-reviewed scientific database (used by doctors at Harvard, Mayo Clinic and others) and combines the best formula for the individual into a single good tasting gel-pack.