Project Description

Koolbridge Solar Inc’s initial product Smart Load Center™, maximizes the use of free solar energy when the sun is shining and only pulls power from the electrical grid when solar is not available.

The Smart Load Center™ provides solutions that:

  • Increase in-home solar efficiencies
  • Decrease the homeowner’s energy costs.
  • Increase the homeowner’s return on investment (ROI).
  • Complete the communications chain from utility to “smart grid” to “smart home” to “smart appliances.”

The Smart Load Center is a solar/utility energy breaker box that can automatically select the use of electrical power, circuit by circuit, from solar, the utility grid, batteries or a generator. The automatic selection of power sources uses a microcontroller to activate the dynamic switching of each breaker circuit based on availability of utility and solar power; preset user priorities, battery charge status, time of day, instantaneous consumption, historical consumption patterns and weather conditions.

Koolbridge Solar Inc. was originally founded by Paul W. Dent, specifically to attack the cost of balance-of-system components in the US market. Dent, a prolific inventor, co-invented the Bluetooth Wireless Technology when he was Chief Scientist for Ericsson Mobile Phone company in Research Triangle Park. Dent filed patents around his smart solar technology, two of which have now been granted, and joined forces with Stephen Burnett (CEO/Co-Founder) and four other partners to create a fledgling company that would bring his smart solar technology to market.