Project Description

Healing Tree Foundation

The Healing Tree Foundation™ is committed to ensuring that people in financial need around the world have access to products and services devised by 10 for Humanity. 10 for Humanity’s™ mission is to create 10 innovative solutions to reduce acts of violence globally by 10 percent over the next decade. 10 for Humanity™ will donate a percentage of its products, services and profits to the Healing Tree Foundation™ so that people everywhere will live safer, more peaceful lives.

The Healing Tree Foundation was established as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in 2008 to fund the “One Million Kisses” Project (KISS stands for “Kindness is So Simple”).  This ambitious project encouraged people to spread kindness, happiness, gratitude and generosity to others, ultimately resulting in over 140,000 acts of kindness. In 2013 the Healing Tree Foundation™ shifted its mission to reduce acts of violence globally by ensuring people everywhere are given access to the potentially life-saving products and services produced by 10 for Humanity™.

10 for Humanity meets at First Flight Venture Center.