Project Description

Goldfinch Sensor Technologies and Analytics LLC develops and deploys next generation sensors. From research idea to concept demonstration to the validating analytics process, Goldfinch collaborates on projects including MEMS (microelectromechanical systems) devices, 3D printed sensor elements, counter-IED and other DoD technologies, and sensors for unusual or extreme environments such as high-pressure and high-temperature environments.

Created in January 2015, the Goldfinch team has a strong background in applied research and development for sensors.   Founder Dr. Mark Roberson received his PhD in Physics from Princeton University and has successfully lead teams at different companies in multiple sensor technologies since 1997.  A co-inventor on more than a dozen granted US patents, Dr. Roberson has also created over 100 invention disclosures.

The Goldfinch team has 75+ years of combined experience in the applied research and development of sophisticated sensors deployment in new technologies for their clients, while allowing clients to determine the pace of information disclosure. The team understands and employs electromagnetic and statistical signal processing and often travels to on-site customer labs, high desert environments, littoral and aquatic environments, airborne test environments and military test labs to complete their projects.