Project Description

A collaborative gift-giving network, Gift Boogle’s software analyzes data feeds from social media profiles to identify the perfect gift for selected members of a user’s Gift Boogle network.

Gift giving is easy, fun and rewarding. Right? Well, if you’re like 99.5% of adults (those of us without personal assistants), gift giving is hard. It’s hard to remember the occasion, to find a meaningful gift, to deliver it on time.

So when Uncle Henry retires or your best friend lands the perfect job or your brother’s birthday comes around, Gift Boogle is there with a notification and a selection of highly targeted gift ideas that fit the person and the occasion.

You might even come to think of Gift Boogle as your personal assistant-there to help you nurture your most important relationships.

So get ready. Gift Boogle is on its way. And it’s going to change the way you give gifts.

How Gift Boogle Works
Thoughtful and Memorable Gifts Made Easy

The beauty of Gift Boogle is that it’s so simple (that is, for you). Gift Boogle helps you with the who, what, when, where and how of gift giving. We alert you to possible gift-giving occasions in your selected Gift Boogle network, and provide a short list of highly targeted gifts. Typically, with a few clicks, you’re done. A great gift is on its way.

And, by the way, there’s no fee for our services. We bring you to the retailers who want to sell you something. If you buy, they pay. So you get a great gift giving experience. They foot the Boogle bill. Simple.

What’s happening behind the scenes, however, is rather complex. Our advanced gift recommendation software analyzes data feeds from social media networks to identify the right gift at the right moment for the selected members of your Gift Boogle network. And we take into account the cultural and specialized nature of what makes a thoughtful gift, a gift with meaning, a gift that brings you closer to the people in your life.

So get in on the action. Join now to participate in our upcoming beta program.