Project Description

Family Health Network’s “Connected for Life℠” is designed to help families trying to stay in touch with, monitor, and assist older family members who desire to live healthier and longer at home.

To enable individuals and the people who care for them to be Connected for Life℠

To extend the health care continuum to the “last mile” of connectedness – the patient and those who care. Family Health Network brings programs and technologies together that help families participate in the care of each other and to have meaningful interactions with health care professionals, community groups and external care givers. Family Health Network creates opportunities for shared support by building circles of care that become informed, involved and interactive to make it possible for individuals to be fully engaged in their health and remain Connected for Life℠.

Management experience is a strong suit of Family Health Network. Harry Bailes and Doug Patton were founders of, an internet leader in social networking. Keith Dixon, Advisory Board, is a former President of Cigna Health Solution who ran a billion dollar segment of its business. Allen Dobson, MD, is a leader of the health care transformation that is underway.