Project Description

Endacea is an emerging biopharmaceutical company focused on developing a series of proprietary A1 adenosine receptor (AR) antagonists as drug candidates for a number of medical indications such as inflammation (including sepsis and asthma), and renal impairment. Endacea is advancing the Company’s lead compound A1 AR antagonist, L-97-1, as an i.v. anti-sepsis drug candidate and as a post-exposure medical countermeasure for plague and other biodefense indications. Endacea is also developing an endotoxin assay as a sensitive and specific biomarker to detect patients with or at risk of sepsis and for other uses. Endacea recently formed a subsidiary, Endacea Diagnostics, Inc. to develop this assay.

Endacea’s lead compound A1 AR antagonist, L-97-1, is a water-soluble, orally bioavailable “best in class” A1 AR antagonist late preclinical drug candidate. Endacea’s patent estate includes issued and pending U.S. patents for compositions of matter for L-97-1 and follow-on A1 AR antagonists, as well as methods of use patents, e.g. the use of A1 AR antagonists to treat sepsis, and a pending application for its new HTRF endotoxin assay.


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