Project Description

EHR 2.0 assists healthcare organizations and business associates in the development, design, and implementation of practices to secure and comply with HIPAA/HITECH privacy, security, breach notification and enforcement rules by protecting patient data.

By using advanced learning techniques and a flexible, comprehensive multi-medium Learning Platform (EHR2.0LP), EHR2.0 provides the following services:

  • IT Staff Training – to provide required knowledge and know-how to design, implement, and administer comprehensive IT (HIPAA/HITECH) security protection programs in health care organizations
  • Workforce Solutions – provide access to the qualified IT staff either as a Managed Full Time Equivalent (FTEs) or on-demand contractors
  • EHR Selection – a structured Checklist comprising of ~800 functional features and a robust scoring system to select EHR system.
  • EHR 2.0 Learning Platform – simplifies staff training by creating and managing premier repository of organizational-specific training and knowledge base

With several years of experience in IT and health care industry, EHR2.0 is poised to provide unparalleled custom solutions to meet the needs of your organization.

To discuss on how EHR 2.0 can assist your organization, please contact us at [email protected]


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