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Project Description

Bluecell Energy, LLC is a North Carolina startup developing a novel rechargeable battery system to provide cost-effective energy storage services to the electric grid.

Our concentration battery technology will provide a low-cost, large-scale energy storage solution that can enable more efficient operations and greater use of variable energy sources such as wind and solar. Based on a proven water treatment technology, it uses abundant, non-toxic salts (such as table salt) to store energy as a concentration difference between two solutions. This process represents an entirely new method for energy storage that avoids the need for exotic, costly, and hazardous materials found in many existing battery systems.

According to IHS Global Insight, the demand for large-scale energy storage will “explode” from less than ½ a GW of installed capacity today, to 40 GW by 2022. Through a combination of low-cost materials and a long service life, our concentration battery will provide greater ROI than competing systems.


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