Project Description

21st Century Creations is an umbrella operation that oversees the development of start-up and early stage companies by providing services such as strategic development, consulting, financial support, etc.

21st Century Creations (21CC) is a service provider for all those folks looking to satisfy their dream of turning an idea into reality.

Located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, 21CC is strategically positioned to access the many services also located in our area.

Currently 21CC is engaged in several projects, including a partnership with HereMeNow LLC (a social network phone app), Faux Snow LLC (a year-round all temperature ski/snowboarding surface), and a Booze Bottle Lock (an internally developed product).

Services provided include on hand strategic development, consulting, financial support and access to a team of professional advisors, such as patent attorneys, product development tech shops, marketing professionals, etc.