FFVC Alumni

Over 276 clients have graduated from First Flight encompassing a wide range of technology sectors. A few of the large successes include United Therapeutics, SciQuest, and Bloodhound Software (Verisk Analystics). In addition, several companies have been acquired by industry players such as Pearson, GSK and others.


Xona Microfluidics, LLC

Xona Microfluidics provides the neuroscience research community with unique, disposable platforms to sustain viability in vitro to cellular organization. The company's neuron devices provide compartmentalization, fluidic isolation and improved cellular organization over traditionally chaotic neuronal cell [...]

Centauri Surgical Systems

Centauri Surgical Systems is a medical device company that develops real-time MRI guided robotic surgical platforms for neurologic procedures that allow surgeons to precisely access the brain and spine during surgery providing rapid, automated delivery [...]

Koolbridge Solar Inc.

Koolbridge Solar Inc's initial product Smart Load Center™, maximizes the use of free solar energy when the sun is shining and only pulls power from the electrical grid when solar is not available. The Smart Load [...]

Novocor Medical Systems

Novocor Medical Systems helps Emergency Medical Service first responders save lives with its innovative rapid chilling device that helps induce therapeutic hypothermia. Our patented product, HypoCore, is an innovative rapid chilling device that cools saline [...]

CNanoz Inc

CNanoz Inc is an advanced materials innovator and manufacturer focused on the development of carbon nanotechnology enabled products for water purification.

WhiteSpace Health

WhiteSpace Health is a cloud based data analytics and RCM outsourcing services provider offering support solutions for healthcare providers, IT vendors, health place and ACOs.


Patient education is a significant part of preventive healthcare. i-xploremyhealth helps patients recognize early symptoms and understand the diagnosis given by their doctors.

Cloud Pharmaceuticals

Cloud Pharmaceuticals designs new drugs and drug candidates and accelerates the development process by implementing new, innovative cloud computing technology in place of traditional methods.


baebies, inc. is leading the way in advanced newborn screening, bringing new technology, new tests, and new hope to parents and healthcare professionals worldwide.


Warpwire enables secure video and file delivery through deep Single Sign-on integration. Easy to use and embeddable media sharing, with on-premise, cloud, and hybrid hosting options.