April 9, 2015 — Ed Addison, CEO of Cloud Pharmaceuticals, a therapeutics company focused on cloud-based drug design and development, is being featured as a speaker at the Bio-IT World Conference & Expo taking place April 21-23, 2015 at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston. Addison’s presentation, titled Using Cloud Computing to Improve the Accuracy and Probability of Success of Drug Discovery, will take place on Wednesday, April 22, 2015 at 4:30 pm during the cloud computing track. By attending this presentation, participants will gain insight so they can better assess new proposals and methods for computational drug discovery and how those methods can be deployed inexpensively in the cloud to coordinate drug development projects.

“Over the past 15 years, the advent of cloud computing combined with the continued influence of Moore’s Law has provided an unprecedented opportunity to apply inexpensive high performance computing to drug discovery. This combination has now made the cloud the most promising venue for drug discovery,” Addison explains. “Organizations that develop drugs cannot afford to remain mired in outdated thinking that focus on the past failures of computational drug discovery. A number of newer approaches are yielding faster, more accurate, and more affordable results and are worthy of closer examination.”

Addison’s presentation will review how new techniques in computational drug discovery can be combined to achieve success at a higher level. The 30-minute presentation will also explore:

  • Accurate binding prediction methods
  • Effects of combining multiple chemical property filters
  • Efficient search and optimization through molecular space
  • Strength of in silico methods rather than HTS
  • Integrating drug development efforts in the cloud

About Ed Addison

With a background in biomedical engineering, Ed Addison is an established serial entrepreneur in both information technology and the life sciences. He co-founded Cloud Pharmaceuticals in 2009 and is on the board of directors of Quantum Cures Foundation, Preclinix, Inc., and Flipsta LLC. Previously, Addison was CTO at Inclinix, adviser to BioFortis, and CEO of two IT ventures.

Addison is a multiple repeat early stage venture CEO with several successful exits and has twice been named Entrepreneur of the Year. He advises, launches, and raises capital for new high tech ventures and has been an investor or adviser to seven venture capital funds and incubators. His expertise is in launching disruptive ventures and crossing the valley of death (the period of time between venture capital and revenue generation). In addition to his business expertise, Addison has deep technical skills in computer science, engineering, bioinformatics, and life sciences.

Addison is an experienced university professor of entrepreneurship, engineering, and management and is a frequent public speaker. He has taught for NC State University, Stevens Institute of Technology, and Johns Hopkins University. Addison holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Virginia Tech, two Masters of Science degrees from Hopkins, and an MBA from Duke University. He completed a sabbatical at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Artificial Intelligence in 1985. He authored the bookLeveraging the Horizon in 2003 about his technology ventures. He also holds an Airline Transport Pilot License.

About Cloud Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Cloud Pharmaceuticals is a leader in the computational design of new drugs and subsequent rapid, information-driven drug development. The company accelerates the drug discovery and design process in a way that delivers tangible results and true value for its partners. For information visit cloudpharmaceuticals.com.