Cloud Pharmaceuticals and Genomeon Announce Marker Discovery and Drug Design Partnership Relationship to help Cloud Pharmaceuticals identify companion biomarkers effective in targeting cancers and other genetically influenced diseases.

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RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C., Aug. 5, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Cloud Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a therapeutics company focused on cloud-based drug design and development, has entered a partnership agreement with Genomeon, LLC, a startup genomic diagnostic and drug target discovery company. The partnership enables Cloud Pharmaceuticals to offer companion biomarkers as part of its drug development process.

Cloud Pharmaceuticals can now access Genomeon’s microsatellite technology to mine next-generation sequencing data so it can identify novel drug targets and companion biomarkers. Cloud Pharmaceuticals can then quickly design inhibitors against selected targets to bring fast, precision treatments to cancers and other genetically influenced diseases.

“We are excited about the prospect of combining two leading-edge technologies against cancers and other diseases with heritable components,” says Ed Addison, co-founder and CEO of Cloud Pharmaceuticals. “Our Quantum Molecular Design process is a perfect fit for designing and deploying therapeutics for novel targets in record time, including companion biomarkers.”

Quantum Molecular Design represents a paradigm shift that dramatically improves upon traditional drug discovery and design methods. Combining proprietary artificial intelligence technology with Nobel Prize-winning binding efficiency calculations – all running on cloud-based supercomputers – Quantum Molecular Design is a game-changer in fast and accurate drug design.

Genomeon’s technology represents the first systematic effort to farm the approximately one million microsatellites in the genome to identify potentially informative patterns of variation between healthy and diseased individuals and to identify potential new drug targets. To date, Genomeon has analyzed the microsatellites in over 10,000 genomes. Genomeon also supplies proprietary Target Enrichment Kits that aid in drug target discovery and advancing the targets for clinical applications.

Dr. “Skip” Garner, CSO of Genomeon remarked, “The backlog of actionable markers and targets for cancers and neurological diseases, and the ability to quickly identify new ones from emerging next-gen sequencing data, is ideally matched to Cloud Pharmaceuticals’ rapid drug development process. Clients will benefit from this new paradigm in drug and diagnostic development.”

About Genomeon LLC
Genomeon is a startup genomic diagnostic and drug target discovery company. Our business proposition is that identifiable patterns of microsatellites – short tandem repeat sequences – in the genome may represent the most effective diagnostics for cancers and other diseases with heritable components and a source of new drug targets. For information visit

About Cloud Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Cloud Pharmaceuticals is a leader in the computational design of new drugs and subsequent rapid, information-driven drug development. The company accelerates the drug discovery and design process in a way that delivers tangible results and true value for its partners. For information visit