Ed Addison, CEO of FFVC’s Cloud Pharmaceuticals, will discuss their revolutionary cloud-based approach to drug design and development at Europe’s leading Biopartnering and Investment Conference in London on May 12th.  Addison says “Europe is ahead of the United States in computational drug discovery and design, which is one of the reasons we’re attending BioTrinity.”

Cloud Pharmaceuticals CEO to present “Transforming Drug Development through Cloud Computing” at BioTrinity 2015

Company showcase featuring Ed Addison to take place on Tuesday, May 12 from at 14:10

Addison’s presentation, titled “Cloud Pharmaceuticals: Transforming Drug Development through Cloud Computing,” will take place on Tuesday, May 12 at 14:10. Addison will discuss Cloud Pharmaceuticals’ revolutionary cloud-based approach to drug design and development.

“Traditional drug discovery and development are too time- and resource-consuming. Expiring patents and the push for precision medicine are increasing the need to reduce costs and increase the speed of drug discovery,” Addison says. “Cloud computing offers an unprecedented opportunity to apply inexpensive high performance computing to drug discovery, making the cloud one of the most promising venues for drug discovery. It enables more sophisticated computational chemistry to help pharmaceutical, biotech, and academic institutions identify compounds that are better suited for development.”

Addison will explain how Cloud Pharmaceuticals is enabling a paradigm shift to improve upon traditional drug discovery, design, and development by using quantum chemistry, cloud computing, optimization over multiple drug-like properties, and a collaborative partner network. The company speeds time to market with its Fast Pipeline drug development process that combines the strengths of its Quantum Molecular Design process, development partners, and includes functions such as target modeling, drug design, companion biomarker design, synthetic chemistry, and preclinical development outsourcing.

Europe is ahead of the United States in computational drug discovery and design, which is one of the reasons we’re attending BioTrinity. Our design process is especially relevant to this market so we’re looking forward to exploring partnerships with universities and medical research institutions that have novel targets, but also biotech and pharmaceutical companies,” Addison says. “We’re also looking to partner with funds to enhance our portfolio investments.”

To learn more or meet with a representative of Cloud Pharmaceuticals at BioTrinity, please e-mail Don Van Dyke at [email protected].

About Cloud Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Cloud Pharmaceuticals is a leader in the computational design of new drugs and subsequent rapid, information-driven drug development. The company accelerates the drug discovery and design process in a way that delivers tangible results and true value for its partners. For information visit cloudpharmaceuticals.com.