Clinical Sensors, Inc. is committed to pioneering diagnostic devices that harness the physiologic properties of nitric oxide to improve patient management by developing a point-of-care device that directly measures a patient’s blood nitric oxide level within a few seconds. Nitric oxide is involved in the progression of sepsis, a life-threatening illness for which early and rapid recognition is critical to accelerate the administration of life-saving care.

Sepsis is the body’s overwhelming systemic response to infection – an all-too-common occurrence in modern hospitals, with more than 1.6 million cases diagnosed annually in the United States. The most critical factor driving patient outcomes is the rapid recognition/detection of sepsis – for every hour that a diagnosis is delayed, a patient’s risk of death increases by more than 7 percent. Delayed treatment is believed to play a significant role in many of the 250,000 sepsis deaths that occur each year.

“Our technology demonstrates the clinical impact of our devices, which are designed to directly measure nitric oxide and related metabolites from biological fluids,” said Dr. Philippe Chemla, CEO at Clinical Sensors. “Our device only requires a single blood sample at bedside to quickly deliver an accurate diagnosis.”