FFVC resident BaseTrace advances to the energy and sustainability final round at the 1776 Challenge Cup to be held 5/30/15 in Washington, DC. The Challenge Cup, sponsored by 1776 as an incubator and seed fund focused on startups, began their international competition in October with regional competitions in 16 cities. And now there are just two. A total of $650K in prize money will be awarded to the finalists.

1776‘s second annual Challenge Cup competition continued on Tuesday night with the energy & sustainability semi-finals. 1776, as an incubator and seed fund, is focused on startups who are working on ideas in the areas of education, energy & sustainability, health, and cities & transportation.

The Challenge Cup began their international competition in October where they held regional competitions in sixteen cities including Washington D.C., Chicago, Sydney, New York City, Tel Aviv, Amman, Santiago, Nairobi, Mumbai, Austin, Toronto, Boston, Berlin, Dublin, San Francisco, and Beijing. The winners of those competitions were invited to the Challenge Cup Festival that’s going this week in DC . By the end of the festival, a total of $650k in prize money will be awarded to the finalists.

Last night’s competitors are working in the areas of energy and sustainability. Twenty entrepreneurs pitched, and the two finalists were BaseTrace and Radiator Labs. Each finalist won a $50k investment from 1776 and the chance to move on to the final round that will take place on Saturday.

The Finalists

  • BaseTrace — From North Carolina, BaseTrace provides DNA-based tracers that can show where industrial fluids are coming from, how they’re moving, and where they’re going. This solution will be especially useful in fields like fracking, to make the process safer and the companies who do it more accountable.
  • Radiator Labs — From Brooklyn, New York, Radiator Labs takes old, wasteful buildings and, via a unique patent-pending product offering, improves their heating efficiencies up to LEED standard levels. Their new product, The Cozy, is an aesthetically pleasing radiator cover that controls the temperature of the room and makes your radiator more energy efficient.

Here are a few of the other global competitors in the energy & sustainability category.

  • Orco Power — From Bogota, Columbia, Orco Power is an energy service company that produces additives that modify crude oil to replace diesel fuel in high RPM engines. They have developed an additive that, applied with our proprietary additive feeding system, modifies crude oil and makes it a viable replacement to diesel fuel in high RPM engines.
  • PowerGen Renewable Energy — From Nairobi, Kenya, PowerGen Renewable Energy, which rebranded from WindGen Power in 2013, installs kW-scale wind and solar power systems in East Africa as well as solar water pumping systems, inverter/battery backup systems, LED lighting and solar water heating. PowerGen has undertaken projects in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia and Somalia.
  • Aquanos — From Tel Aviv, Israel, Aquanos has developed a unique wastewater treatment technology and system, which uses a fraction of the energy required by conventional wastewater treatment plants. The system is based on a novel approach, using microalgae to produce the oxygen required for aerobic wastewater treatment, which then takes place on a fixed-film system.

Kristin Pryor
published by tech.co
May 13, 2015 5:30 pm