TransCirrus has revolutionized the cloud computing market by partnering with Red Hat to produce a private cloud solution that is less complex and less risky at a lower total cost. The complete solution fits in a single appliance about the size of a pizza box.

The technology was originally supported through the free version of OpenStack, a set of software tools for building and managing cloud computing platforms for both public and private clouds. The partnership with Red Hat allows TransCirrus to offer a fully-supported Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform solution to a customer base that might not otherwise consider such a solution unless it was fully supported by a market leader like Red Hat.

The entire cloud installation consists of a few simple steps and takes about 5 minutes, making the solution less complex and risky to install. With another product, it could take an experienced IT manager months to set up such an environment.

“We are very fortunate to work with Red Hat. When users can take charge of their IT needs, productivity increases,” says Ingemar Lanevi CEO & President of TransCirrus Inc. “Our focus is on the value drivers for our end users which center around user enablement and simplicity of our solution. Also happens to be extremely cost efficient.”