Project Description

VaporPulse Technologies is committed to improving the performance of everyday things.

VaporPulse was launched from the TEC entreprenuership program in the Poole College of Management at NC State University. Since launching VaporPulse has generated a significant amount of buzz.  The VaporPulse founders were selected to receive an inaugural Chancellor’s Innovation Fund project from NC State University.  Most recently we were selected to join the Fast 15 accelerator program from NC State and selected to pitch in the AUTM Venture Pitch Forum and the NC Nanotechnology Commercialization Venture Pitch Session. 

At VaporPulse we have commercialized a proprietary technology for improving materials used in everyday applications through our nanoscale coatings. The nanoscale coatings are delivered through a novel low temperature, solvent free process that offers extraordinary performance on well known but hard to process materials. VaporPulse’s coatings are highly functional and can be applied on a range of materials from paper to plastics to metals. Our coatings are conformal and uniform whether the part is flat or complex in shape, dense or porous, and the coatings can be applied on features down to the nano-scale.

Currently we are working on scale-up of a protective nanocoating for outdoor textiles with commercial partners and as part of our business model we are evaluating new opportunities for fast entry into targeted markets with the goal of securing partnerships, co-development agreements, or manufacturing contracts in order to build early traction for our nanocoatings and process platform.