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Our sensors are based upon a novel physical measurement method developed by Patrick T. Bowen, which enables us to measure deviances in rotational symmetry of conductive samples with a sampling rate up to 100 KHz, without sacrificing our ultra high accuracy. Adding to that, our sensors have no moving parts, and no mechanical interaction with the sample, making for higher uptime in production facilities. We strive to offer “black box” solutions that require little or no programming or calibration on the user’s part.

We are the first to determine the angle of needles without any dead angles, no/little computer vision, no motion blur -even after an opaque, dielectric cap has been placed over the needle or when the humidity changes, and with no difficulties with narrow depth of field or synchronizing complex software-based systems like conventional camera systems.

Compared to a production speed of 800 syringes per minute, our measurements take place in an instant. The only limiting factor for speed will be the rest of the plant.


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