Project Description

CytoFlow believes it is possible to build powerful analytical tools that are accessible and easy-to-use. They understand that researchers should be able to focus on their experiments, and not have to spend weeks learning how to use and maintain the instrument. CytoFlow thus identified the importance of a design philosophy that is based on five core principles:

1. The customer comes first: Make it possible to perform their existing protocols.

2. Simplicity: Use the simplest designs both for hardware and software components.

3. Performance: Specifications should equal or exceed those of more expensive instruments.

4. Innovation: Traditional assumptions will be questioned and potentially replaced using innovative engineering theory and design principles.

5. Use advanced technology: Employ recent advances in technology or invent new ones.

The outcome of this design philosophy is the innovative CytoXpress Personal Flow Cytometer: a low-cost, full-featured instrument that is easy-to-use, is compatible with standard protocols, produces results that are comparable with conventional instruments, and requires minimal maintenance.

The CytoXpress® Personal Flow Cytometer from CytoFlow, LLC, represents a significant step forward in flow cytometry and cell data acquisition. Researchers now have access to a high quality flow cytometer at an affordable price that is easy to use and field upgradeable.  The ultra-compact size can fit on any benchtop or be placed in a hood.  The CytoXpress makes a powerful research tool available to a much wider range of life scientists and clinicians. CytoFlow’s user-driven design has resulted in an instrument that has been greatly simplified to operate and maintain, yet produces outstanding performance. Combined with the intuitive CytoCollect® data acquisition software, CytoFlow’s instrument makes flow cytometry equally accessible to experts and new users alike.

All flow cytometers are composed of three major, interdependent sub-systems:
1. fluidics
2. optics
3. electronics

By focusing on reducing the complexity and paths among these sub-systems, CytoFlow’s team designed all components to optimize overall system performance, including creating CytoCollect™, an intuitive, user-friendly software interface for simplified data acquisition. This resulted in four interconnecting innovations that when combined, surpass the cost/performance metrics of existing flow cytometers currently on the market.


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