FFVC Companies

Since opening in 1992, FFVC has evolved into a flagship business incubator, serving as model program for other small business incubators across the state. Global interest in the Research Triangle Park incubator is demonstrated by the roster of international visitors to the Center each year, including entrepreneurs, economic developers, and government officials.


Microgrid Labs

Microgrid Labs (MGL) is a North Carolina based consulting and software company implementing microgrids and energy storage. Microgrid Labs is developing software products for Microgrids, Electric Vehicle  infrastructure and solar [...]

Column Eight

Column Eight is a new product research and development firm specializing in non-invasive diagnostics. We provide life-cycle product development services from ideation; non-dilutive grant funding; new product concept research; competitive [...]

InnoVision Imaging Laboratory

Innovision Imaging Laboratory is a medical device company focused on developing leading edge tomographic scanner technology for patient diagnostic imaging. High quality, high availability 3D diagnostic imaging systems are limited in many parts [...]

Techverse, Inc.

Techverse, Inc's mission is to advance energy technologies including those to improve energy efficiency of processes.  The company is involved in Research and Development of advanced energy generation and utilization concepts [...]

Applied Lifesciences & Systems

Applied Lifesciences & Systems develops automated bio-system solutions for detecting, targeting and delivering vaccines to poultry, Aquaculture and Livestock. ALS-S technology aims to reduce the need for antibiotics by improving [...]

Clairvoyant Networks LLC

Clairvoyant Networks LLC is focused on leveraging technologies to improve the lives of aging in place, independent living and memory care seniors, their loved ones and professional care providers by [...]

Hi Fidelity Genetics

Hi Fidelity Genetics is a predictive genomics company that is creating new platforms for crop development.  Bringing data science to plan breeding, Hi Fidelity Genetics develops tools to measure and [...]

Ascent Bio-Nano Technologies

Ascent Bio-Nano Technologies, Inc. is a research spin-off from the Pennsylvania State University. The company was formed in 2012 with the mission to develop a gentle and safe cell and [...]

CleanVolt Energy

CleanVolt Energy develops advanced super-capacitor/battery technology for mobile products. The company is dedicated to the development of novel battery materials with high storage capacity to enable cost-effective electric cars, mobile [...]

Learning Machines

Learning Machines provides cloud based, industry-vertical data aggregation and analytics applications, lowering the cost and complexity of big-data solutions for clients with smaller-scale data. Optimized data management platforms, advances in [...]

Cell Microsystems

Cell Microsystems continues to develop novel research tools supporting the basic research behind scientific and medical innovation. Our latest product, the CellRaft™ System, brings to the market an efficient and [...]


SonoVol is a technology development company focused on improving ultrasound imaging approaches for disease research and drug testing at the preclinical stage. Using proprietary hardware and software solutions, SonoVol’s ultrasound [...]

Indexus Biomedical

Indexus Biomedical designs, develops and manufactures instrument systems, reagents and assays for in-vitro diagnostics, initially focusing on the hematology and immunology markets. The company provides improved access to affordable, advanced diagnostic [...]


TransCirrus reduces the risk, cost, and overall complexity of a private cloud deployment by offering companies a drop-in-place OpenStack based cloud solution. Building a cloud can be risky. The solution [...]

Gift Boogle

A collaborative gift-giving network, Gift Boogle’s software analyzes data feeds from social media profiles to identify the perfect gift for selected members of a user’s Gift Boogle network. Gift giving [...]


ViraTree provides unique viruses of the highest quality in a ready-to-use format to research laboratories in universities, medical facilities, and biotech companies around the world. ViraTree is a start-up company [...]

Clinical Sensors

Clinical Sensors is commercializing sensors to improve monitoring and care for serious medical conditions such as diabetes, chronic wounds and infection. The membrane-based platform technologies being developed by the company greatly enhance [...]


CytoFlow believes it is possible to build powerful analytical tools that are accessible and easy-to-use. They understand that researchers should be able to focus on their experiments, and not have [...]

21st Century Creations

21st Century Creations is an umbrella operation that oversees the development of start-up and early stage companies by providing services such as strategic development, consulting, financial support, etc. 21st Century [...]

Excelerate Health Ventures

Excelerate Health is redefining healthcare angel investing by identifying and creating highly valued healthcare companies in a shortened time frame to a sale, while maximizing investment return. We are founded [...]

Ethos Excel

With years of experience working in both the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industries, Ethos Excel Clinical Research Group understands and helps companies overcome the unique challenges of building one cohesive team. [...]

ElectroChemical Systems, Inc.

ECSI designs, builds and supplies efficient, precision bench-top wet processing equipment that liberate researchers and manufacturers from the relative haphazardness of conventional systems. ECSI (Electrochemical Systems, Inc.) makes tools that [...]


VERINETICS has developed a patent-protected software product, TraxSecur, that provides a next generation solution for detecting and deterring fraud in the supply chain.  TraxSecur™ creates a security mark that provides intelligence [...]


Virasource is a recognized high quality supplier of custom virus strains. The team works personally with each client to produce the best possible result for academic and corporate researchers. We [...]

Sirga Advanced BioPharma

Sirga is an early-phase drug discovery company focused on novel targets of pathogens (bacterial, fungal and viral) that are difficult for the pathogenic organism to alter, thus reducing the potential [...]

SciKon Innovation

SciKon™ is an interdisciplinary Tissue Engineering company recognized for its unique ability to pioneer human and animal primary cell culture devices into predictive model biotools. Simply put, we provide both the [...]

Vindrauga Holdings – Formally: Ridge Dx Labs

Vindrauga Holdings, LLC, dba Ridge Dx Labs has developed multi-variant biological marker assays and diagnostic algorithms to diagnose, select and monitor treatment for MDD and other neuropsychiatric disorders. Ridge Dx Labs is [...]

NIRvana Sciences, Inc.

NIRvana Sciences is focused on fluorescent dyes with ultra-narrow spectrums for the advancement of multiplexing applications in medical diagnostics and imaging markets. NIRvana Sciences is a technology development company focused [...]


Inanovate has developed a revolutionary technology for the detection and measurement of multiple proteins called Longitudinal Assay Screening (LAS) for medical research and clinical diagnostics. Inanovate began operations in 2007 [...]

Dignify Therapeutics

Dignify Therapeutics is a virtual drug development company focused on restoring voluntary control of excretory function to neurologically-impaired people. We operate as a lean, efficient organization with an aggressive approach [...]

Camras Vision

Camras Vision is an ophthalmic medical device company developing a patented new technology for the 67 million glaucoma sufferers that will provide the first-ever personalized treatment to prevent blindness. Ophthalmologists [...]

Trio Labs, Inc.

Trio Labs has developed innovative Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology that will revolutionize industries’ ability to create and produce high quality precision plastic, metal and ceramic prototypes, tools and components at [...]

Network Development Group

Network Development Group (NDG) provides a server appliance with all the software tools preloaded for academic institutions to host real lab equipment, virtual machines and lab content. Our solutions enable [...]


Sciome LLC is an innovative research and technology consulting company providing state of the art informatics solutions for the life sciences industry. We specialize in developing and deploying novel bioinformatics [...]